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He’s a young man with a golden arm and a long list of legal troubles. The Murray State University Racers dismissed quarterback Zeke Pike — a former five-star recruit with stops at the University of Louisville and Auburn University — after his recent arrest.

Coach Mitch Stewart said Pike should focus on taking care of himself rather than on football. Newspaper reports indicate Pike has been charged with marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, resisting arrest, second-degree escape and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Pike is certainly not the first area college student to get into trouble. Our law firm has helped clients in Paducah, Benton, Marshall County and McCracken County address serious legal problems that threaten their academic pursuits.

In some situations, a conviction can force you off of your chosen career path. It can also put student loans in peril and result in academic disciplinary action on top of any criminal punishment you might face. A college DUI or drug charge threatens your future, which is why your choice of attorney is crucial.

Don Thomas, Attorney At Law, understands Kentucky law from all perspectives. He has been a prosecutor, a district judge and is now a criminal defense attorney devoted to protecting your rights, your interests and your freedom.

Because he is a former county attorney, he knows how prosecutors construct their cases. Because he’s a former district judge, he knows how jurists weigh evidence and arguments. And because he knows how to prevail in negotiations and at trial, he has for decades been a respected Benton defense attorney serving western Kentucky.

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