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Man charged for assault while out on bond

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2016 | Criminal Defense

A 43-year-old Kentucky man was charged with assault after an incident at a home in McCracken County on Sept. 27. At about 8:30 p.m., deputies visited the home after receiving a report about a domestic disturbance. Deputies allegedly witnessed the accused man leave the home while running after a woman. When deputies instructed the man to stop, he ran back into the home.

The man reportedly stayed in the home while deputies tried to contact him by phone and vehicle PA system. After several attempts to contact the man failed, the Sheriff’s Dept. Special Services Team went into the residence and detained him. He was booked at McCracken County Jail on one count of fourth degree assault with minor injury and one count of first degree fleeing on foot. Because he was free on bond, he was also charged for violating the conditions of his release.

The accused man was reportedly out on bond for similar charges related to an incident that he was booked for at the same location on Sept. 8. The incident that led to the man’s prior charges involved alleged domestic violence and fleeing from authorities. Weapons were found in the man’s home around the time of the first incident.

People who are facing charges of domestic assault might argue that the alleged victim falsely accused them of violence. If the defendant was injured during the altercation, the defendant may be able to prove that the alleged victim was the aggressor. A defendant may also petition for the dismissal of key pieces of evidence by proving that authorities entered the home without a warrant.

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