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April 2016 Archives

Supreme Court hears case involving testing without a warrant

Kentucky residents may be interested to know that in 13 states, it is illegal to refuse to take a blood or breath test during a traffic stop even if there is no warrant. On April 20, several justices on the Supreme Court said that compelling compliance to such a request was asking for a significant exception to the Fourth Amendment. However, they did note that the law had good intentions, especially in rural states where drinking and driving is a larger issue.

2 Kentucky men chgarged with drug possession

Police in Kentucky have reported that two Harrodsburg residents were taken into custody on drug possession charges during the early morning hours of March 31. After being processed, the two men, who are 31 and 44 years of age, were transported to a detention facility in Boyle County. A cash bond of $5,000 was set for the 31-year-old man and a $7,500 10-percent bond was set for the 44-year-old.