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May 2016 Archives

THC tests for marijuana impairment flawed

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety commissioned a study that looked at how several states where marijuana is legal determined whether a person was impaired by marijuana usage while driving. The study found the tests used to determine impairment were scientifically flawed. While marijuana is not legal in Kentucky, the report's findings might still be of interest to some Kentucky drivers. According to AAA, the tests create a risk of prosecuting people who are not doing anything unsafe while allowing others who are impaired to go free.

Kentucky law doubles look back period for DUI offenders

Senate Bill 56 became law in Kentucky on April 9 after being signed by Gov. Matt Bevin. The law provides that the length of time that a drunk driving conviction remains on an offender's record is now 10 years, twice as long as what had been the case. Opponents of the law say that longer look back periods punish people for up to a decade for making an isolated mistake, but supporters say that the measure addresses a notable gap in Kentucky's drunk driving laws and brings the state into line with much of the rest of the country.