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College Student Defense Lawyer In Marshall County

College students accused of crimes are in a very vulnerable position. Criminal charges carry the threat of fines, incarceration and more. Even if the criminal charge is relatively minor and there is little likelihood of time behind bars, there may still be repercussions that could affect the student’s education and future career prospects.

If you are a college student or the parent of a college student who has been accused of a crime, it is important to hire an attorney who knows how to address the unique aspects of college student defense. Contact me, Don Thomas, Attorney At Law.

Why College Students Must Act Immediately When Charged With A Crime

You may already know that a criminal conviction could result in fines and even time behind bars, depending on the severity of the charges. Did you know that your school may take disciplinary action, even if the crime occurred off campus? Did you know that a conviction could jeopardize student loans? It could also result in a criminal record that will make it difficult to pursue your chosen career. The sooner you retain me as your lawyer, the sooner I can begin protecting your rights and your future.

Criminal Defense For University Students Throughout Western Kentucky

My firm provides criminal defense representation for minor and adult college students in Benton, Paducah, Marshall County and beyond. I represent students at Murray State University, University of Kentucky (UKY), Mid-Continent University, Daymar College, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Western Kentucky University (WKU) and more.

I defend against all criminal charges, including alcohol-related charges like underage drinking and DUI. I also defend against drug charges such as marijuana possession.

Ready to take action to protect your rights, your education and your future? Call me at 270-406-6171, 270-527-2425 or 866-289-0518, or send me an email. Consultations are free. If Don is not available to answer your question, ask to speak with my paralegal.

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