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January 2016 Archives

False confessions during questioning

Many Kentucky residents may think that a criminal case is straightforward if a person confesses, but experts say that this is not always the case. In certain circumstances, innocent people may be induced to confess to things they had nothing to do with. This is the scenario explored in the popular Netflix series "The Making of a Murderer." In 2011, a man who confessed under similar circumstances was found not guilty. One significant different between his case and the case profiled on the Netflix documentary is that the man found not guilty had testimony from a false confession expert at his trial.

Defense options for actions while intoxicated

While intoxication may typically be viewed as a reason for filing criminal charges against an individual, some situations might allow for a defense to be mounted in Kentucky courts based on the type of intoxication in question. The ability to use intoxication as a defense often depends on whether it was a voluntary or involuntary state.

Spousal immunity in Kentucky

When a married Kentucky resident is alleged to have committed a crime, their spouse has something called spousal immunity for most types of offenses. Spousal immunity means that the spouse does not have to testify against their spouse who is charged if they learned information during the course of their marriage.