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Wildcat football player arrested for nabbing parking meter

A football player from the University of Kentucky has been arrested for allegedly trying to walk off with a Lexington parking meter while intoxicated. The incident took place on March 4.

According to authorities, a police officer in a cruiser spotted the 23-year-old Wildcat fullback walking down the sidewalk on East Maxwell Street with another individual. The player was holding a parking meter that had been separated from its base. When the pair saw the squad car, they took off running, leaving the meter behind. The officer turned on the cruiser’s emergency lights and followed them, ordering them to stop and get on the ground.

The police report says that the player obeyed the officer’s orders and stopped running. He allegedly admitted to stealing the parking meter. He was charged with theft, criminal mischief, alcohol intoxication and fleeing and evading. He was scheduled for arraignment in Fayette District Court. According to media reports, he joined the Wildcats as a walk-on in 2013 after transferring from Pikeville.

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Source: WKYT, “UK Fullback Collins Faces Multiple Charges After Arrest,” March 4, 2016