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She who laughs last, laughs best?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Drug Crimes

It was an image that caught the attention of people across the nation. A woman who had been arrested for trafficking methamphetamine was wearing a t-shirt in her mug shot that proclaimed in big letters, “I Heart Crystal Meth.”

The arrest photo taken 300 miles east of Benton made people in Kentucky laugh — and elsewhere, too. “What was she thinking?” was one of the kinder jibes aimed her way.

The 37-year-old might be laughing with relief, however, after a grand jury recently declined to indict her on meth trafficking charges. Laurel County grand jurors voted “no true bill” in the case involving her and a 57-year-old male codefendant.

“No true bill” essentially means the jurors found there was no probable cause to believe the charged crime had been committed. The pair was accused last November of having 3.37 grams of the substance as well as a digital scale, according to law enforcement officials.

Court documents show no witnesses showed up before the grand jury. A sheriff’s spokesperson wasn’t able to explain why investigators didn’t show, reported.

Sometimes sheer luck is involved in enabling a person to walk out of custody with no charges hanging over them. More often, though, it takes the hard work and skill of an experienced Kentucky criminal defense attorney to negotiate with prosecutors to drop or reduce charges. In some situations, the defense attorney will go to trial to represent his client and prevail.

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