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We have seen it many times: a drug arrest begins with a traffic stop. It happens here in Benton and it happens in cities across Kentucky and the rest of the U.S., too. A recent example can be found in the eastern part of the state, where a Kentucky State Police trooper arrested a London man on drug charges after a traffic stop.

State police said they found 11 grams of methamphetamine in his car. 

A trooper told a local newspaper that a lot of drug arrests in the area involve “one-step meth labs.”

“They can put that in their car, drive down the road make it as they drive,” he said.

Although the short news article was not specific about charges the man faces, it is possible that he will face allegations of drug possession and trafficking. That can mean if he is convicted, he faces incarceration as well as fines and probation.

If a person is a repeat offender, the already-serious consequences of conviction become even harsher.

That is why it is so important for defendants to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before talking to police or prosecutors. A defense lawyer helps protect your rights and your freedom by examining every detail of a search and arrest.

In far too many cases, we find overreaching police violating search and seizure protections guaranteed to Americans by our Constitution.

An experienced attorney also protects clients in negotiations with prosecutors in efforts to get charges dropped or reduced, and penalties minimized.

Don Thomas, Attorney At Law, has more than two decades of experience as a prosecutor, judge and defense attorney. He understands what is most important in court and in negotiations and what can lead to favorable outcomes for his clients. Please see our Drug Charges page for more information.