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Wrongful Death Attorney In Marshall County

When fatal accidents unexpectedly take the lives of loved ones, family members are often left reeling with overwhelming amounts of grief, emotional pain and suffering, and financial loss. I am Don Thomas, Attorney At Law. At my law firm, we pursue wrongful death claims on behalf of deceased accident victims in Benton, Paducah, Marshall County and throughout western Kentucky that help ensure their surviving family members are financially supported.

Representing Fatal Accident Victims

When fatal accidents occur, victims are often caused extreme pain and suffering before passing away. In Kentucky, the deceased’s estate can bring a wrongful death claim to recover compensation for the pain and suffering experienced before death. I work closely with personal representatives to bring wrongful death claims that hold wrongdoers liable for the deaths they cause in a fatal car accident, motorcycle wreck or other accident.

Compensation For Surviving Family Members

When individuals unexpectedly pass away, grieving family members are often left under enormous financial strain. The loss of income and benefits can make it difficult for families to make ends meet. When the deceased was the family’s primary breadwinner, the financial pressure caused by the death may be even greater.

I am Don Thomas, Attorney At Law. I understand that no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one. However, compensation can help ease the financial strain caused by your family member’s death.

Together, we will bring a wrongful death claim that reimburses you for the medical bills and funeral expenses associated with your loved one’s death, and compensates you for your loss of earnings, benefits and emotional support.

Contact me, Marshall County wrongful death lawyer Don Thomas, for a free consultation at 270-406-6171, 270-527-2425 or 866-289-0518. I offer contingency fees.* My clients don’t pay me until I get them the compensation they are entitled to. If Don is not available, please ask to speak with our my paralegal.

*Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client.

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