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Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Marshall County

Motorcycle riders hit by negligent drivers often suffer serious injuries. Without the protections afforded to drivers of other vehicles, they may suffer head injuries, back injuries and other injuries that require surgeries and extensive physical therapy for recovery. In some cases, the injuries may be permanent. It is important for injured motorcyclists to choose a lawyer well-versed in maximizing compensation in severe injury cases.

My name is Don Thomas, Attorney At Law. I have more than 29 years of experience pursuing compensation for motorcyclists involved in auto accidents in Benton, Murray, Marshall County and throughout western Kentucky. Contact me to find out how I can help you get money for medical bills and other expenses related to your motorcycle collision.

The Motorcycle Rider Is Not To Blame

Having handled these personal injury cases many times, I know that the insurance company is not going to simply turn over fair compensation. I will prepare your motorcycle accident case for trial, gathering every fact and presenting a clear argument to make certain that the insurance company understands that I will not back down until I get the compensation that is right for you.

Frequently, the insurance company will try to put the blame on the victim. There is a misconception that all motorcyclists drive dangerously, that they go too fast and that they are responsible if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

I know otherwise. I know that most motorcycle riders are diligent and safe. I will prove that the victim was not to blame by conducting a thorough investigation. With witness statements and the help of accident reconstruction specialists and other experts, I will make certain that the truth comes out and the negligent driver is held accountable for the accident.

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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, set up a free initial consultation with me, Don Thomas, Attorney At Law. Simply call 270-406-6171, 270-527-2425 or 866-289-0518, or send me an email. I return calls within 24 hours and make home or hospital visits by request. Plus, I only charge contingency fees, so you pay no attorney fees unless I recover money for you.*

*Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client.

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